Ola Jordan’s Nude Pictures

A lot of people (well, enough to make this almost worthwhile anyway) find this site while looking for nude pictures of Ola Jordan, the small but perfectly-formed dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, and this is because of an article about the dancing series that I wrote back in 2007 here. That particular article not only talks about Ola but it even includes a video performance in the comments. What it doesn’t have, however, are any photos – naked or otherwise – of the dancer. But that’s not to say that I don’t possess any.

Now, Ola Jordan’s nude photos aren’t widely disseminated across the web and that’s mainly because her husband, James, has a fiery temper and connections with the Clapham underworld. However, it’s also because – up till now – I’ve not wanted to publish those pictures of her that I own because of the price that was paid in obtaining said images in the first place. Many Bothans died to get me these pictures.

But, since I’ve had a falling out with the Bothans over a delivery of catsuits – yeah, that’s right; screw you, you lousy, lazy, workshy, unreliable Bothan scum! – and I like to please as many people as possible, here are the various pictures of Ola Jordan in my possession.

Ola Jordan

There is probably some concern over whether any pictures of Ola are artistic or just downright dirty. Well, I think it’s clear to see that in this particular case you just can’t get any more artistically naked than those.

Or can you?

Ola Jordan

Ola has said that there’s nothing better than getting her hands around a lovely nude work of art and Titian – whose name sounds a bit like a woman’s mammaries if you’re as juvenile-minded as I am – has produced some of the greatest examples of nudity in the art world to date. Framed and clasped tightly to her chest, the piece above is one of Ola’s favourite pictures from the old master.

Now, when I talk about "the old master" I’m not making any reference to Ola’s husband James at all; what goes on in the Jordans’ bedroom is their business and I’m not privy to any pictures from that specific area of their house at all. However, Nude In A Black Armchair – a work of art by Picasso – is something that they keep a print of in their main reception area and here’s both Ola and James showing how much they like to gaze at this particular reclining nude.

Ola and James

Author: Mark

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  1. I love James and Ola and this was not what I was expecting but I loved it anyway lol

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  2. the painting she is holding has just been put there using photoshop or whatever software.

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  3. John is not the sharpest tool on the box ,me thinks

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  4. Ola, You are one of my favourite female pefessionals on:"strictly come dancing".
    Favourite female pefoessionals: Lillia Kopilova, Natalie Lowe, Erin Boag, Ola Jordan, Aliona Valani, Camilla dallerup and Haley Holt.
    Favourite Male Pefossionals on SCD: Darren Bannet, Ian Waite, Anton De Beke, Matthew Cutler, James Jordan and Vincent Simone!!!!! I know all of the female and male pefossionals on "strictly come dancing"

    I really am a big fan of strictly come dancing but my sister is NOT she likes watching drake and drosh and all of that kind of rubbish TV proggrames:(

    Elena Clark

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  5. not decent enough try to adjust

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  6. Hi ola,

    Nice to see you and James at the Metro Centre, Gateshead today. Please join my facebook.

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  7. It’s Ola Jordan and James Jordan’s tenth wedding anniversary today! Congratulations!

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