Not Old



"We’re not old!"

"I think you’ll find we are."

"Nope! We’re officially not old!"

"Officially? Not old?"

"Shall I explain?"

"Will any answer I give prevent you from doing so anyway?"

"I wouldn’t have thought so."

"Go on then."

"It’s one in the morning."

"Yes it is. That hardly qualifies as an explanation."

"But we’re still awake. And not just awake in bed because the mattress is getting a little uncomfortable or we had a coffee after seven in the evening awake. We’re genuinely awake awake and downstairs."

"And being awake and downstairs means we’re not old."

"That’s right. It’s Friday night… no, scratch that! It’s Saturday morning and we haven’t been to bed yet."

"And you associate this with not being old."

"Exactly! It’s the hip kind of thing young people like us would do."

"Except you’ve just used the word ‘hip’ which negates how not old you think we now officially are."

"Well-spotted. Even still, we’re not old because we haven’t been to bed. We are officially not old."

"And what have we been doing?"


"While we’ve been busy not being old, what exactly have we been doing on this Friday evening-into-Saturday morning youthathon?"

"You were here. You know."

"Yes, I do know. I just want to hear you say it so you can factor this into your not-being-old session."

"We’ve been drinking. Young people drink."

"Red wine?"

"I’m sure there are some young people who drink red wine."

"Perhaps they mistake it for Ribena?"

"Sure, why not?"

"And what else?"

"Well… we watched that rather entertaining afternoon quiz Pointless on BBC2 on iPlayer catch-up…"

"Go on."

"And then there were those back-to-back episodes of Generals At War. The battles of Kursk and El Alamein."

"Keep going."

"And then we watched music videos for an hour or so. Music videos! That’s not old!"

"What channel were we watching again?"

"Er… VH1 Classic. DeBarge were great, weren’t they?"

"No. No they weren’t."

"We are so old."

Author: Mark

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  1. cute post. Just goes to show….age is relative I’ve been a teenager for the last 20 years…

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  2. When you have all that done and are pooped by 9 PM then you are really old.

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  3. great blog keep up the good work

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  4. Despite the negative impacts of caregiving, there is a bright side as well. ,

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