No Valentine

"I'm sorry, Gabrielle, I really am. I… I just can't do this anymore."

"On Valentine's day? Please tell me this is a horrible joke Michael!"

"I can't. I wish I could but…"

"Is it me? Is it me being pushy?"

"It's not that, no."

"Just because I'm wearing a wedding dress… it's a joke, it doesn't mean anything. It doesn't have to be like this!"

"I said it's not that. Can't we just leave it at that? Part ways as, well, maybe not friends, but just, you know, part?"

"Is it because I'm a mannequin? You said it didn't matter!"

"It doesn't! And it's not that. I told you I had a crush on Kim Cattrall in the movie Mannequin. You were – you are my Kim Cattrall."

"Well then, what? You owe me that! Is it because I don't have a head?"

"No! I… okay… the head thing is… yes! I'm sorry! I really, really tried to overlook it but…"

"I thought you were better than that Michael. I thought that looks – or, in my case, a distinct lack of them – weren't important to you."

"They aren't! I swear!"

"You're not making any sense! Why are you doing this to me?"

"I'm so, so sorry Gabrielle. I'm so sorry. It's your… voice! It comes from, well, between your legs!"

"Where else is it supposed to come from? I've got no head! No. Head. Remember?"

"I remember Gaby. I just… I have to go now. I can't do this."

"Go! You've broken my heart Michael! I've still got one of those! Go on, go! And you remember this: I overlooked your constant hopping! So go! Hop away you hopping freak!"

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Author: Mark

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