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Had a little bit of a wander into town today so that my missus could pick up some new trainers and a new bag for work (both were falling apart) and so that we could grab the next few months' worth of assorted birthday and anniversary cards in one hit. We're organised like that. Okay, my wife's organised like that.

I, of course, tagged along with camera in tow but decided to not get the camera out until after we'd picked up the bit and pieces we came out for as I didn't really want to be going in and out of shops with a dSLR in hand. This, however, turned out to be a mistake as all the interesting people and things I saw on the way down – buskers and the assorted lunatics they'd obviously released for the day from the asylum – were all noticeably absent on the way back once I was ready to shoot away. Curses! In fact, of the nearly two dozen shots I did take I only kept a couple; the street ones weren't that interesting (I don't think my heart was in it) and the graffiti ones I took just didn't look that good afterwards either. This picture, though, I quite liked for the lines and rule of thirds layout (I am a bit of a geometry fiend when it comes to photos) as well as the stark colours (this is not might be a black and white conversion).

For #SignSunday curated by +Gene Bowker and +walt sprinkle, as well as #SquareSunday curated by +Matt Soave.

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Author: Mark

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  1. I really like geometry and lines too, well spotted! It's amazing that it's not a B&W conversion.

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  2. +Jakob Nilsson I know; I checked the histogram and thought: no colours at all; so odd. I'm now wondering if I didn't accidentally switch something to b&w when shooting this one shot (although I don't know how because I never do) because I can't get any colours from playing with saturation at all. Hmmm. Starting to doubt things now.

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  3. Love the comp! In addition to being a super talented photographer, you also have a great way with words.

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