Niche Magazine Failures

Transvestite Highwaymen

Transvestite Highwaymen was a small independent release operating out of post-World War I Germany and targeted at the American market, possibly as an act of revenge. Just three issues were published in 1922 before it was bought out and closed down by the distributors of its nearest rival – still going today – Luddite Ladyboys.

Tales Of Sitting

The early 1930s saw a massive surge in sitting, thanks in no small part to the effects of The Great Depression. Hoping to cash in on this popular pastime but failing to take into account the lack of disposable income at the time Tales Of Sitting survived for just five months before taking the weight off its feet for good.

Clumsy Broads

The proprieters of Clumsy Broads maintained that they were simply celebrating the girls of the world who for one reason or another couldn’t avoid walls, doors, or rakes but this didn’t stop a group of Women’s Lib supporters from firebombing the production plant of the magazine after only one issue, putting it out of business permanently.


Produced in good faith and hoping to tap into the lust for the macabre, Botch – "Horror Stories of Plastic Surgery" – ran out of material after only one issue (and subsequently quietly folded) because of the sterling work that all cosmetic surgeons do worldwide. Rumours that the plastic surgery industry conducted unnecessary facelifts putting the eyes on the sides of the faces on those behind the publication of the magazine are totally unfounded because the cosmetics industry is a good industry full of fine, upstanding people.

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  1. Just when I had suppressed the memory of finding a copy of Transvestite Highwaymen in my grandfather’s closet. Thanks, neonbubble. Thanks a lot.

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  2. I think I’ve dated three of those women.

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  3. Wow, that is too funny. I can’t believe I have never come across this site before!

    Did those magazines really exist?

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  4. I swear my grandma did the Asian version of the first 3 photos.

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  5. Ok, I love the covers of these magazines. First off, it reminds me of some of the French Absinthe paintings I have. At least in style, one can say that era had a certain kind of flavor and panache that you don’t see as prevalent today.
    Today…its Vogue…InStyle… How gouache!

    At some point, we as a society need to bring back the class that used to exist like that of the era of these poor failed magazines!

    Ok, then again, where’s the nudie magazines?

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  6. Dating or Swingers said …
    Did those magazines really exist?

    You don’t think I’d make something up like that do you? What sort of site do you think this is?

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  7. Please! My friends and family call me ‘great one’ but you can just call me Mark.

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  8. These are real? Good god how could anyone think these were a good idea!

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