New York City Perfumes

I think I probably have one more evening's sifting through photos of New York to go and then I can catch up with the rest of the vacation plus all the photos I've taken since then. Still a while to go then.

Here's a quick processing of one of tonight's keepers; a perfume store – tagged by locals – near a subway somewhere along Broadway (or possibly Park Avenue since we did wander off the route at one point).

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Author: Mark

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  1. Thank you +Maciej Danielski; three exposures from a single RAW file at 0 and +/- 1.5EV merged to HDR. Then I create a new layer from that which I throw various filters at. This then gets overlaid on the HDR with transparency tweaked until I like the tones.

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  2. No, it's not a lot at all. I worked on that one while I was busy uploading a batch of about thirty untouched photos to Flickr; it kills the time and the process is fairly simple and often rewarding.

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