New York At Night

I've finally started going through my New York photos, although I've barely started and don't really have much time tonight. Still, one of the first ones I came across I decided I wanted to play around with since it had so much of that busy quality that just shouted New York on our first night there.

Once I hit some of the daytime shots I should be in a position to start pinpointing locations I've also seen in photos by +John Frenzel so there's that to look forward to over the next week.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Busy street yet everyone seems to be so far away from you. Not sure where I'm going with this…

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  2. You forgot to include people getting mugged in your shot. Now that's New York baby!

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  3. +Eric Gains I actually felt really safe in New York although, admittedly, we did stick to the main drags.

    +Gail Sweeney If you're trying to insinuate that we smelled then I'd like to point out that the bus ride was four hours long and we thought it made sense to shower after we got back from a wander up to and around Times Square.

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  4. Hee hee, as if I'd do that. After a four hour bus ride I think I'd smell of puke!

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