New Toilet Signs

It’s fallen on me to devise some signs for the toilets at work; someone keeps peeing on the floor and I’m risking serious injury by having to stand on tiptoes in positions that would make yoga masters furious with envy every time I require draining.

Now, I’m not claiming that I’ve never peed on the floor in the toilet. I have. I’m a man. It’s what we do. However, I do clean up afterwards. I’m a Virgo. It’s what we do. And now I’m trying to encourage my co-workers to use the loo in a more civilised manner using the power of graphic images and talking about it on the internet. I’m a nerd. It’s what we do.

Good Peeing

Bad Peeing

Impressive Peeing

Awful Toilet

Toilet Alien

Call Doctor

Toilet Party

That should just about cover most eventualities.

Author: Mark

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  1. I hate this article because I didnt come up with it. Sheer brilliance

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  2. Some of my best friends have been Virgo men.

    My favourite is the one standing on his head to pee. But you could add one where he is using his sprayer to draw artwork on the walls. I’ve seen that being done in he subway downtown. What about one where he just sits down to pee? If aim is really that bad he can just squat and make sure it gets there.

    My husband used to miss often. He stopped missing when it became his job to clean the bathroom.

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  3. The alien one might get you arrested because you are not supposed to know about the alien.

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  4. I have actually done the standing on my head to pee. I was drunk and it was a bet. I had trouble with my aim though and ended up in the shower to make a long story short.

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  5. Regretful Morning said …
    Nice – Did you make those?

    Thanks, and yes.

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  6. Mark (The Fake One) said …
    I see you assume that the lid is lifted. A problem?

    A problem only if you don’t. You have some other way of getting urine into the bowl that skirts around the closed lid dilemma without opening it?

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