New Choo Shoes

I still haven't picked up my camera in anger in over two weeks so I've not got anything super special to share but since it is #ShoesMonday (as curated by (deep breath) +Laura Harding +Terry Fabre +Bernd Schaefers +Paul van de Loo +Pablo Luis Gonzalez +Olga Kafka +Mee Ming Wong) I thought I'd put up a snap taken on my phone last week of the new shoes I felt obliged to purchase for my wife while in the Jimmy Choo store in Chevy Chase when in the states. I really must stop popping in there. That's twice in twelve months and it's cost me both times.

What’s that thing we do in Chevy Chase at Jimmy Choo? Oh yes, we buy my wife some new shoes.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Envy… I got it. Thank you (I think) for this expensive contribution to our #shoesmonday  theme… could you do something more "street" next time, I'm not sure I can take such avaricious emotions on a Monday.

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  2. Will you get offended if we raise a contribution for the cost of this image, and the shoes?  Lovely shoes, and brilliant image. THanks for contributing to #shoesmonday  …

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  3. I can only look with open mouth  +Mark Hooper  at this pair of shoes. Jimmy Choo =poor you, does it not.  I hope you have not handed in your camera in part exchange. My condolences.

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