New Advertising Day

Needed to pop out this morning to address an issue of nearly apocalyptic proportions; our kettle had stopped working! Our! Kettle! Had! Stopped! Working! That meant no tea! No! Tea!

We have a new kettle now; we spent the winnings from yesterday's Grand National on a lovely little beastie and the tea-related disaster has been averted.

On the way back I happened upon this man putting up some new adverts along Copnor Road in Portsmouth. New advertising day! It's always exciting to see just what I'll be adamantly refusing to be influenced by over the next few weeks. Although what she's wearing does look nice. And it's available 24/7 apparently. And that's an easy name to remember.

I'm not sure if this qualifies for #SignSunday curated by +walt sprinkle and +Gene Bowker but that won't stop me tagging them anyway because I'm like that.

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Author: Mark

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