Nasir Triple

I used to love the TV series Robin of Sherwood despite a couple of flaws:

  • Maid Marian… ginger Maid Marian…
  • Much, the miller’s son, alternatively known as Much, the ineffective, whiny, retarded sub-moron

On the other hand, it had far more positives:

  • Ray Winstone as Will Scarlet
  • Kevin Costner-free
  • Nickolas Grace as the Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Paganism and sorcery
  • Not the 2006 BBC series Robin Hood

But the thing I liked most was the character of Nasir, the Saracen assassin played by Mark Ryan. Two swords. Two curved swords. You have no idea how much I wished I had two curved swords strapped to my back at all times. In fact, I still want two curved swords strapped to my back. But I can’t, because this is England and the Health and Safety Executive would go all medieval siege engine on my Saracenny assassiny ways. Damn them to hell!

Nasir versus Robin

Nasir versus Sarak

Nasir versus the Normans

Author: Mark

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  1. I cannot tell you how much I too wanted (still do) to charge around sporting two curved swords that I could haul over my shoulders at will, slicing open Norman invaders with Saracenny Assassinny flair. Again, H&S would go bonkers. But I’ve pretty much got my son’s birthday party themes dialled for the rest of his life now.

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