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It’s linked elsewhere but I thought I’d take this opportunity to spam/promote my other website which is hosted by Posterous and can be found here; it’s more of a lifestream-style site that doesn’t really fit in with what’s going on here. In essence, it can be described as “things I’ve found on the web that other people have found first and which I’ve liked and which I’ve possibly renamed and which I’ve possibly added a bit of a description or which I’ve possibly added a sarcastic/mildly amusing comment” but that’s a bit wordy for a website tagline so I haven’t bothered.


I haven’t been following any other people on Posterous so far because up until recently I wasn’t really using the site very much. That’s changed, thanks to Empire Avenue (which encourages social activities such as posting (which explains why I might be posting more frequently (including posts like this one))), so if you’ve got a Posterous site that you think I might want to follow (I might; anything is possible) then let me know via comments or email or just through Posterous itself.

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