Must Suppress Apostrophe Rage

There are some people who say that language evolves and that we should embrace or accept its changes. I have no problems with new words coming into the language and I don't even mind some amendments to grammar occasionally either. However, there are some crucial elements that I think really need to be left alone and one of those elements is apostrophe usage.

"Pair of glove's £5"

This makes no sense. The plural of glove is gloves. You can have a pair of gloves. You cannot have a pair of glove; that's a whole world of grammar headaches right there. Subsequently, the pair of glove you cannot have cannot possibly have £5 of its own. And even if it did why would you broadcast that information to the world in the form of a sign?

The only saving grace: at least this seller of gloves and pashminas is consistent in his dreadful use of the apostrophe.

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Author: Mark

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  1. I'm also a member of the Apostrophe Liberation Front. The apostrophe is so often added to the letter s that I can see a day when font designers make 's a single character. Here is a link to a photo I posted last month of a news stand in Nice, France. Native English speakers make so many mistakes with the apostrophe that we can't really blame a French news vendor for his error.

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  2. Glad you got that off of your chest. It makes for a nice photo though

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