Musicians In Movies Triple

A trio of videos showing off musicians who have made the leap from the music industry to the film one. Of course, there are hundreds (probably more) of examples of this sort of thing occurring as the two industries are fairly incestuous but I’ve decided to select just three because that’s what I tend to do when sharing videos. The only criteria I’ve used in narrowing things down is that I must have seen the film and liked it.

Tom Waits – Mystery Men

A mostly overlooked hero of the band of unlikely heroes making up the Mystery Men is Tom Waits as Doc Heller in this cut scene from the movie. I’m not that familiar with Tom’s music but his track What’s He Building In There? is one of my favourites.

Iggy Pop – Cry Baby

One of my most favourite films by one of most favourite directors John Waters, Cry Baby here featuring Iggy Pop naked and washing his private parts in a bath tub. What’s not to like about that?

Tricky – The Fifth Element

A short clip from the always enjoyable Fifth Element and English musician Tricky portraying a bad guy. An English person portraying a bad guy? What will the movie industry think of next?

Author: Mark

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