Musicals Triple

Three videos featuring musical numbers from musicals – musicals being one of the best places to find musical numbers, I’ve found – for your delight. Unless you don’t like them. But why wouldn’t you like them? They’ve got singing and dancing, and everyone likes singing and dancing.


From the musical The Music Man, a musical I’ve not actually seen and probably wouldn’t based on this video. Wait. I’m not selling this, am I? Look, I’ll be honest: I prefer Peter Griffin’s version but Family Guy’s not technically a musical so, well, there you go.

Flash Bang Wallop

From Half A Sixpence and referencing photography which means I love it.

Me Ol’ Bamboo

If you thought a musical number couldn’t sound more Cockney than the previous one from Tommy Steele then step back and feast your ear holes on this little beauty by Dick Van Dyke from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Author: Mark

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