Muerte Punk

Another fruitless day looking for interesting shoes out and about so I've had to rely on something from the archives once more and it's no surprise that it's another pair of my wife's shoes because, well, she has a fair few. However, just to show that she doesn't just wear Jimmy Choos here's something a bit different: Muerte Punk from Iron Fist in this instance.

For #ShoesMonday curated by +Olga Kafka, +Laura Harding, +Bernd Schaefers, and +Terry Fabre.

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Author: Mark

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  1. I think +Mark Hooper's wife might notice if Madame ShoesMonday turned up on her doorstep +Bernd Schaefers – you might have to come up with a cunning plan…. Whilst you're thinking about that, I'll just nip to Chester and collect them… dumdedum 🙂

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  2. Good grief! I step away to make a phonecall for a bit and I come back to… well, I have no idea what you lot are talking about.

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