More Vintage Slug Adverts

If I know you one tenth as well as I think I know you then I think I know you at least three times more than enough to know that if there’s one thing you can’t get enough of then that’s even more vintage slug-based advertising. Sure, you liked it when I showed you my collection of slug adverts from yesteryear before (Vintage Slug Advertising) but that just wasn’t quite enough for you. Oh no! You want more! More! More!

What do you think I am? Made of slugs?

Well… seeing as you’re you and I’m me… oh, go on!… I’ll treat you!

Canadian Slug

Teaching Slugs

Slug Mustaches

Slug and Chips

Author: Mark

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  1. Ummm…slug and chips??? NOT! Teaching slugs = an easier job than teaching teenagers!

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  2. I have never seen any woman looking at a man (or admiring) like in picture # 1 in real life. All I saw was men said something and they thought it was dead funny, and women rolled their eyes heavenwards. Once again. Advertisement is always deceitful.

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  3. I disagree. That woman is clearly looking closely at his fine slug mustache/moustache.

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  4. Penny: What’s not to like about Slug and Chips? Crispy breadcrumbs on the outside with a lovely, contrasting juicy and chewy texture inside. Mmmm. Makes me hungry just typing it.

    Carl: You’re clearly not drinking enough. At the end of a long night of quaffing I find all women look at me in that same way.

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  5. When you place then alongside some chunky chips, tomatoes and then garnish them with leaves, slugs just seem extra classy.

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