More RIPdogs

Everyone loves LOLcats, right?

Then everyone will love this too! Andy Fanton‘s genius has come up with the next big thing in internet faddery and darn it all to heck if I’m not going to get in on the act early for a change.


There are rules for creating RIPdogs pictures. Read them here.

Author: Mark

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  1. Hooray!

    Let us not stop until the RIPdogs have seen off the lolcat menace for good.

    Come, brothers, let us join arms.

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  2. This makes me sad. Good work!

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  3. Throw in some RIP LOLcats, and I’m in heaven.

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  4. That dog in the picture with the tag Sir Barksalot looks exactly like my dog.

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  5. Oh Maria – I hope that doesn’t mean your dog is dead… 🙁

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