More Guantanamo Koran Abuse Revealed!

Another day, another string of confirmed incidents of religious intolerance and abuse by the freedom-loving protectors of freedom at Guantanamo’s Camp X-Ray (also known as Geneva Convention Avoidance Center Alpha (also known as USSC Party Prison)). From the JTF-Guantanamo Commander’s Koran Inquiry Team PDF report:

  • guards kicked the Koran of a detainee,
  • a two-word obscenity was written in English on the inside cover of an English version Koran,
  • a guard left his observation area post and went outside to urinate, the urine came through an air vent in Camp 4, and splashed on a detainee and his Koran,
  • a contract interrogator later terminated for a pattern of unacceptable behavior, an inability to follow direct guidance and poor leadership stepped on a detainee’s Koran during interrogation,
  • and, most disturbingly, Korans were wet because the night shift guards had thrown water balloons on the block.

Disturbing and unsurprising, yes, but only the tip of the iceberg I’m afraid as new allegations about the criminal behaviour of the guards and information extraction specialists in Gitmo are leaked exclusively to this site.

Cake Incident
Guantanamo detaineesOn 16 MAY 04, Spotless Cleaners of Houston, TX were given security clearance to attend to the clear-up following a 25th birthday party for the Sergeant of the Guard which had gotten out of hand the previous night and degenerated into a food fight. The Block NCOIC reported that the spectacle was akin to something out of The Great Race. During the cleaning, one Koran was found to have icing from the sponge cake on the cover and grease from a sausage on a stick had stained another Koran. These were replaced and apologies issued and both detainees were allowed to take a doggy bag of leftovers back to their cells.

Soggy Biscuit Incident
On 3 JAN 05, a detainee in Delta Block complained that his copy of the Koran had become soiled by an off-white liquid while stored in its surgical mask holder near an air vent. Investigation by the NCIS revealed that the United States Southern Command regional finals of the Soggy Biscuit World League took place the previous evening outside the block. Weather conditions were windy and investigators surmised that it was possible that ejaculate had been blown down the vents accidentally although it was impossible to prove for certain. The detainee’s Koran was replaced. Camp X-Ray’s team did not fare very well in the event, finishing last and suffering the usual game penalty.

Pass The Parcel Incident
On 19 AUG 04, as part of the anniversary detention celebrations for Charlie Block’s detainees the OIC organised a Pass The Parcel game in the cells, the parcel prize being a new Koran. An INTREP activity log dated 21 AUG 04 records that an unnamed guard stated that during the final parcel layer removal the cover of the Koran became torn and the detainees reacted angrily. The guards arranged a game of Musical Chairs to quell the violence.

Dodgeball Incident
On 6 DEC 03, during Guards versus Detainees Extreme Dodgeball an unidentified Marine deflected a shot with his own ball causing the original to knock a Koran out of a surgical mask holder near the court, severely agitating the detainees who were losing at the time. As the guard failed to catch the deflected ball, however, he was ruled out of the game and this placated the detainees somewhat. Later, the incident was communicated from block to block where the story changed to suggest the guards were deliberately targeting the Korans and there were violent protests. A guard noted in his electronic blotter log, but not in his hardcopy report, that, because of their shackles, Team Orange lost 2-1 to The Gitmo Generals and this may have exacerbated the tensions.

Magician Incident
On 8 SEP 04, the detainees were treated to the magical and mystical stylings of The Great Patriotico, a magician out of Baton Rouge, LA recommended by Major General Geoffrey Miller, as a treat for not complaining about stress positions for a week. During the act a detainee’s Koran was placed under a handkerchief and made to disappear with the words "Osama bin Laden, wish you were here, make this Koran disappear!" and a tap from a wand. The Great Patriotico failed to rematerialise the Koran and a camp-wide search ensued. During the search the Koran was not found but guards did discover three rabbits, two doves, an orange, a string of coloured flags on a length of string, and a bunch of flowers. As compensation the detainee was given a silver dollar plucked from behind his own ear and allowed to spend it in the Camp X-Ray gift shop.

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