Moody Fountains Abbey

Another new theme in #MoodyMonday for me, along with two new photographers who curate it, +Philip Daly and +Carole Buckwalter. Well, new to me, anyway.

This is a low gamma, handheld, HDR shot – not something I normally do – and it's quite surprising just what sort of effect you can get with this technique when you consider that this was shot in the early afternoon with what appeared to the eye to be a mostly white sky with patches of light blue peeking through. The HDR image alignment isn't 100% accurate so it's created a few oddities in the image in the form of some wall edges ghosting but I'm not such a perfectionist that I'll worry too much about that. I also decided to leave the birds in, even though they moved between the three exposures because there are some weird effects there too and it just seemed to fit better with them.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Love the drama and mood captured Mark not worried about perfection – If it looks great then its great!!!!, perfect addition to the theme…great take buddy.

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