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The third Friday of the month is market day in Chichester, and yesterday – being the third Friday in the month of July – saw the market arrive once more in the precinct. All the usual stalls and stallholders were there but yesterday included some refreshing entertainment in front of the Cheap Weeds From My Garden stall in the form of a man showing off some tricks with a giant, novelty yo-yo; this one was called, I think, "walking the cat". Or something.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Last time i was in Chichester was back in the early eighties,i was born in Haslemere,it was always a tossup to decide whuch place was most boring to us as kids!

    — crazydave

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  2. Up and down is about as advanced as I ever got with a yo-yo. I never got into the novelty tricks. Walking the . . . whatever . . . was beyond me, and usually ended with the  yo-yo bouncing back into my chin. One wonders if this entertainer has a special carrying case for his . . . yo-yo.

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