While waiting to cross one of New York's streets – and not wanting to risk crossing until the sign told us it was safe as it was ever going to get – this man wandered up with his wheeled box and then proceeded to simply stand right there on the pedestrian crossing staring off into the distance. I have no idea what he was waiting for but a stationary target is a great target for a photographer. Or even a man with a camera pretending to be a photographer.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Fantastic capture +Mark Hooper ! What I really love is your composition! You have the sign New Yorker Hotel, setting the scene up, then the bedraggled man in the forefront with his special box, which perhaps holds all of his worldly possessions, justaposed with the van behind him asking if he "needs a lift" while a man in black with a smaller box of possessions and one on is back, heads across the street going forward or back to the Hotel New Yorker… Great piece of story telling!

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