Making An Effort

A struggle to get a shot of this couple thanks to the sheer number of people passing in front, but a lot to like about it. Your taste may differ.

I enjoyed watching this young couple standing at the intersection of East Street with Chichester Cross yesterday; they were obviously in the early stages of their relationship on account of the amount of hand-holding, hand-rubbing, and eye-gazing going on, not to mention the complete obliviousness to anyone around them.

I very much liked the way they held one hand up to one another at one point and moved in a mirror fashion, almost as if about to break out into an artistic dance. In fact I did wonder for a second if they were art students and this was simply the start of a piece of public work, but that didn't turn out to be the case.

I liked her sense of style; there's something about that type of black-and-white hooped dress that screams Tim Burton to me, and I like it when things scream Tim Burton to me. I also liked the way she was standing here. It's a very elegant pose that accentuates the hourglass figure beautifully.

I really, really liked that he made the effort and tucked his trousers into his stupid shoes.

For #StreetSaturday , and for #PeopleAndLife (+PeopleandLife) curated by +Serein Lee.

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Author: Mark

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