Magnetic Power Insoles

Thanks to a tweet by Dr Adam Rutherford I was introduced to the amazing Lunavit Magnetic Power Insoles walk-a-netics.


The insoles apparently work by combining reflexology – a thing that doesn’t work – with tiny magnets – things that have incredible power to affect your body if you are mostly made of iron, which you aren’t – to produce something that is more than the sum of its parts. Or, at least, you’d hope so since the parts add up to zero.

The special silver-ion-surface also deodorizes and massages gently the foot when walking and standing.

Ah, yes, the massaging ability of flat surfaces coated with metal. Have you ever noticed how just holding a coin makes your hand throb with massaging power? What’s that? No? How strange. It’s almost like inanimate objects have no ability to perform massaging on their own. I’m guessing that these magnetic insoles must have something else then that imbues them with power. What can that be?

130 bipolar arranged 600 gauss magnets

I don’t know why this would be good but at least there are 130 of them and they’re bipolar. That’s very important.

Far Infrared – FIR (permanent reflection of heat of 92.5%)

Not temporary reflection you’ll note. That’s good. And not 100% because that sounds too good to be true and you might get suspicious. Also good. And it’s in the far infrared which is… good? Maybe. Unless your feet generate heat outside that range. Do you know if they do? No, I’ve no idea either.

Energized in Germany

Very important. You don’t want your magnetic power insoles energised just anywhere. Imagine if they’d been energised in, ooh, let’s say China. Sure, the magnetic energisation might appear to be exactly the same as magnetic ergisation throughout the rest of the universe but it’s China! It’s probably knock-off energisation energised in large factories by people working under poor – if energetic – conditions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the energisation stopped working after a while. I’m sure they make some good stuff but you do hear stories. Anyway, these magnetic power insoles are energised in Germany and that’s synonymous with quality. And you can always pop across the channel and complain if something goes wrong.

But it won’t.

Because Magnetic, that’s why.

I’ll leave you to read about the Energystick on that same page. That, at least, appears to have a genuine use. Not necessarily the one advertised, though.

Author: Mark

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