Lunchtime Portrait

This lunchtime as I settled in under Chichester Cross I was called out to by a woman who, along with two male companions, appeared to be – but may not have been – homeless and/or – let's say – someone not averse to partaking in illegal means of achieving highs and lows. May not have been, I'm reiterating, but, well, you sometimes just get a hunch.

This woman wanted to know what I was doing. I told her I was taking photos. What of? Things, people, I answered. People? She seemed puzzled and wanted to know why. I told her that people were interesting and tried to take a picture of her; she held up a hand in the way and told me that was weird. I told her that weird was interesting and she seemed to shrug and accept that. And then she let down her guard and I took this shot. She didn't seem bothered.

I'd like to think that she wasn't making a gun symbol with her hand for me.

Submitted for #PortraitTuesday curated by +Laura Balc.

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Author: Mark

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