Love Books?

Dorothy does. She's so pleased with her new purchase she feels the need to text her friend Mary back at the office.

"I've picked up a new book." Dorothy doesn't go in for all that text-speak nonsense.

"GR8 WOT?" comes the reply. Mary doesn't share Dorothy's stance on sending messages using full words. Or correctly-spelt ones. And her phone needs a firmware update to fix an annoying issue that only permits uppercase characters.

"50 Shades of Grey…" is the reply from Dorothy. She glances nervously at the bag in which her book is located and then around her to ensure nobody has seen over her shoulder at the phone's small screen. There's a man with a camera on the bench over the road but it seems unlikely he'd be able to get a decent shot of her from there.

A trill from the phone indicates that Mary's replied. "GOT IT ITS SH1T LOL". Mary's probably not laughing out loud which annoys Dorothy – one should never claim to be doing something that one isn't, after all – but not as much as the missing apostrophe, punctuation, and self-censorship.

Dorothy smirks, though, and taps away swiftly on the keypad in her hands. "… the pop-up edition!" she continues. By way of response there's nothing but silence and Dorothy wanders off to find somewhere private for a bit of a read.

Dorothy loves books. Just not very good ones.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Really really lovely image, the composition processing and tones produce such a great feel. And the words made  me laugh out loud… great, ta.

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