Lord George Carey Makes Me A Tad Angry

Knobhead Lord George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, is so very desperate to ensure that only men and women (species: unspecified) should marry one another that he has taken to using the word “logic” in arguments.

I know!

A grown man so mentally-challenged with irrational thoughts he believes in pixies, unicorns, magic rainbows, the healing power of leprechauns, flying trees, clouds with eyes, monsters under the bed, or all-powerful and caring ghosts who wear dresses and never help ease any suffering when there’s important toast apparitions to attend (I forget exactly which brand of lunacy this prick lives his life by) has resorted to using words whose meanings he cannot possibly comprehend in a final attempt to… I have no idea what. Sell column inches in papers? No, it can’t be that because he’s a holy servant of Thor or something. Dominate people through disinformation and denigration? Yes, that sounds more like the sort of thing the church does.


Some nasty shit stain who thinks he matters.

Referring to the comments made by Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone that society overwhelmingly wants everyone to have the right to marry whomever they want Lord Carey replied with: “Lynne’s logic implies the will of the people is sovereign.”

What? Like in a democracy, you mean, you out-of-touch tosspot?

Uncarey continued: “So let’s suppose that in 10 years’ time it is proposed that, as people are living in multiples of four, we may call that marriage also.”

Yes. That’s precisely what it means. It means what the people want, the people get. Not the dicktastership you apparently want. Not your extra special interpretation of an irrelevant work of fiction by centuries-dead shepherds that amazingly coincides with your own over-compensating prejudices.

Now, I’m not one who normally gets angry with fuckwits like the former archdickless since he rarely pops up on the radar – I’m saying you’re nothing George, nothing – but he used the “logic” word and that triggered a reflex action.

“Logic” is our word, you great, stinking slice of scrotum. You don’t get to use that word. We use that word. Your arguments must remain firmly in the world of religious make-believe where you belong. If you want to refute Lynne Featherstone then damn well stick to using words and phrases you’re permitted to – by society – like “miracle”, “voices in the head”, “speaking to myself”, “Mumm-Ra”, and “turning semen into clotted cream”. Otherwise I get angry.

And when I get angry I start writing horrible insults on my site you cunt-stuffed verucca sock.

Author: Mark

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