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Last year we visited America to see my wife's sister and, on Thanksgiving, two of her friends (a married couple) drove down from Virginia (I think) to show us around Washington D.C. That's the sort of nice thing you don't forget in a hurry. Subsequently, when we were told that Michelle – one of the friends – was coming over to little old England (her first visit) on a business trip and that she was coming over a couple of days early so that she could take in a bit of London we jumped at the chance to show her around.

Thus it was that on Sunday I, my wife, and her parents took the train up to London and engaged in a meandering walk that took us from Liverpool Street past St Paul's Cathedral, through Farringdon, across to Covent Garden, down to Trafalgar Square (Sikh New Year festival was taking place), back through Covent Garden and the market (a gem of a place for a person with a camera), along the Strand, and back to the hotel to drop off one very jet-lagged, tired, full American visitor. Also: slightly tipsy. There may have been pubs along the route.

Naturally, someone – that someone may have been me – also took the opportunity to take a photo or two (or two hundred), some of which are included here. A London photowalk, even if there was only one of me.

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  1. Great collection, it's wonderful how showing your city to someone seems to open your eyes to new and different things!

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