Lion Dog

Lion Dog

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking:

"What? What the? What the hell is this? I didn’t come here to see this? What is it? What’s going on? What’s this doing here? What is it? What is…? No, wait, what? I don’t get it. What is this? What’s it here for? I came here looking for funny stuff. Or naughty images of celebrities. I know they’re here. And jokes. Yeah, there are jokes, aren’t there? This, though? What? Why? What is it?"

I’d probably think the same thing.

Let me explain:

It’s a picture.

Man, I wish there was a test you had to pass before you could use the internet.

Author: Mark

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  1. Great picture! What is the Lion dog in front of, I know some Chinese temples have those at the entrances.

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  2. Thanks. It’s inside the Forbidden City in Beijing. You can click the image to bring up its full size; it’s a crop and modification from an original which is part of my Forbidden City Flickr set. There are several more shots of the Lion Dog there.

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  3. Ok, well I know that there aren’t any pics of naked celebrities in this post, but the dog has a certain busty Marilyn Monroe-ish quality to it, don’t you agree?


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  4. I’d have checked for you at the time but I didn’t want to spend forty years in a Beijing detention centre.

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  5. Hey! Mark.
    If you’re trying to sound like Stewie, it’s working.

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