Lighting Cigarettes

A little bit of a walk at lunchtime to get the blood circulating – which didn't work – and then I had to dig out gloves in order to hold my camera and keep my fingers from going numb – which also didn't work – but at least I discovered I can actually operate the various buttons and dials with them on, something I'd assumed I couldn't before.

While we wait for the unending precinct maintenance to finish so that it will open up the area around where we like to hang around for shots, lunchtimes are spent more in chatting (or moaning about work, if you want to get technical) than photographing as the former provides more of interest right now; good shots are difficult to come by. However, on the walk back to the office I swung the camera up and fired as I saw these girls approaching – two trying to protect their cigarettes from the chilly breeze as they lit them, the third laughing either at their trials or some private joke – and was surprised to discover this evening that I actually got the quick shot in focus too.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Nice capture and processing Mark, the figures really stand out.

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  2. really interesting crowd of people – lots of great expressions/ actions going on at once

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  3. There's nothing more attractive than a young lady with a burning stick hanging from her lip and breath like a stale ashtray. I hope the wind blew out the fire.

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