Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

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It's Super Bowl Sunday (come on New England!) and that means one thing in our house: we embrace all things American; coffee brewing, popcorn picked up, bags of M&Ms ready, hot dogs awaiting the signal to be eaten, bourbon giving me that drink me look, and twelve assorted Krispy Kreme doughnuts fresh from the store this morning.

Picking up the doughnuts was a bit of a chore today. The encounter went a little like this:

Us: We'll have that one, that one, two of those, two of those, that one, that one, two of those, that one, …

Doughnut Girl: That's too many.

Us: Really? Should only be eleven so far.

Doughnut Girl: Look. (Shows us filled box)

Us: What are those two? (Pointing at two odd-looking doughnuts)

Doughnut Girl: Raspberry.

Us: We didn't want them.

Doughnut Girl: Oh, okay. (Apparently puts them back)

Us: Okay, so we'll finish with that one and that…

Doughnut Girl: That will be too many.

Us: What? (Looks at box) Is that a raspberry one still there?

Doughnut Girl: Yes.

Us: But we didn't want any raspberry ones.

Doughnut Girl: Oh, you didn't want any? Shall I put it back?

Us: Yes! (We finish picking doughnuts)

Doughnut Girl: Will you be eating in?

Us: Twelve doughnuts between two of us?! Eat in?! Are you mental?! (We pay and leave the store) We're going home to eat them between us.

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Author: Mark

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  1. I know nothing about the Super bowl but Krispy kreme Doughnuts sounds Super to me!!

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  2. you could of ate in 😉 good luck hope the Pats win and the box becomes empty..
    great shot.

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  3. Just went to to find our nearest store only to find that it’s in Wetherby, Yorks. Have a great night/early morning.

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  4. It sounds like you have a more convenient spot to get Krispy Kremes than I do, despite the maddening encounter.

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  5. This is a watered down version of the American pastime (it’s a rather pathetic hobby and amusing recreational activity if you ask me).

    But you forgot beer (really cheap shit beer, like Pabst). Chips n’ dip such as potato chips and onion dip, tortilla chips and salsa, nacho cheese, or bean dip. Buffalo wings with Ranch and/or Blue Cheese dressing. Hamburgers and onion rings.

    The challenge is to consume all of these things in one setting and not vomit by the end of the game.

    Expect plenty of food splattering all over the t.v. set when opposing team intercepts favorite team’s ball pass. Also expect persons invited over to have sex in your bed and your bathroom during halftime show. Also expect your apartment to be trashed, your t.v. set thrown into the street or into the swimming pool, and fires set to neighbor’s homes after favorite team loses to opposing team.

    Now that I’ve given you the basics: Good luck.

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  6. Oh, one more thing. Also expect to discover vomit in places you wouldn’t expect…such as the linen closet.

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  7. Krispy Kreme does rock, here in PA though we are partial to Yum Yum Donuts, I know another stupid name for a donut store… Glad to hear you are ready for the big show today Mark! I am making my touchdown brownies, got the pop corn, beer, chicken dip and heading out to a SB party. Had 3 games of "futbol" soccer this morning with the girls. Great day for the game!

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  8. It’s a short list of suspects for the contents of the linen basket then! Up at halftime. You weren’t expecting that now, were you?

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  9. No. Mind, we’ve played a lot of games this year where the first quarter – sometimes half – we’ve been awful. Even the game we saw over in the states in November, we were dreadful for the first 20 minutes or so. Just got to hope that we can push on from here in the second half.

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  10. I've always thought Krispy Kreme were a bit heavy . . . like glazed bread. And they don't make a plain Old Fashioned- closest is the drenched-in-glaze buttermilk doughnut.

    Plain Old Fashioned and a cup of hot coffee with cream. Mmmmm.

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