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It’s the early October update of site news! Whew! What do you mean by "you’re only posting this here to keep site changes ticking over and fooling search engines into thinking the site is far more active than it really is!"? That’s libellous, that! I’ve a good mind to ditch you and pick another inner monologue.

Julie MoultWell, we’re still all eagerly awaiting news of when the Juile Moult image challenge will furnish us with some decent picture results in Google. Rival systems have produced some results – not this site though – but GI is so slow and so hung up with getting picture results from B3ta as to almost be irrelevant; for a search engine to claim to return results – pictures or text – that are relevant this is really quite poor. Julie must be quietly pleased at the moment, thinking she’s safe but let’s not forget that she really is an idiot. As a quick reminder of the picture of Julie Moult created for the challenge I’ve republished it here. Look! There it is! That picture you see? That’s the one!

Speaking of pictures, I recently received my first see of Moo cards using images from my Flickr account. I’ve taken a photo which you can see here. Lovely things. I’ll be taking them to the Far East for my upcoming honeymoon and distributing (or "littering") them on the ship and in as many countries as I can. Anyway: Moo cards. Lovely. I may have mentioned that already.

Speaking of honeymoons, I’m going on one as you may have surmised from the previous paragraph. Pretty much the whole of November. This means the Entrecard programme will need to be suspended as I won’t be able to approve ads or reciprocate any drops; haven’t thought what to put in its placeholder at the top of the screen yet. It also means I may have to code in an auto-posting system into the CMS just to make sure the site ticks over with updates – a few "I’m an automatic post"-type posts followed by a few "oh crap, I may be in prison in the Far East on littering charges"-type posts set to publish after I’m due back in case of problems.

Speaking of not speaking about spam comments, the new anti-spam system seems to be working well. I still get an occasional blitzkrieg of spam comments in the moderation queue but since it was coded only one actual bit of spam has got through and that was because it didn’t actually link to anything and only contained garbage letters. I wonder what Julie Moult would make of the idiots who produce spam bots.

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