Julie Moult, Idiot

And now a break in our regular lunacy as we make way for The Learning Moment here on neOnbubble. Readers with photosensitive epilepsy who survived our recent article on "The History of Blinking Text" and those offended by idiots, journalists, idiot journalists, and women named Julie should look away now.

If there’s one thing I like more in the world than people who don’t understand when I’m being sarcastic then that’s the rather special group who go by the name of "idiots". One such idiot is the journalist Julie Moult who has written for such bastions of worthy news reporting as The Sun and The Daily Mail.

Julie Moult has ired Bloggerheads’ Tim Ireland through her history of ridiculous news articles but until recently he remained as calm as only an antipodean can be when faced with general idiocy. And then she wrote this article which demonstrated exactly how little she knew about the many, many internets out there. Added to her diatribe against Nazi Raccoons this was just too much idiot-related nonsense to bear.

Tim has written quite extensively about how he feels regarding Julie Moult being an idiot and devised an image challenge, the goal of which is to create a picture expressing Julie’s moronic status. By naming the file appropriately the intent is to explain – teach, even – a little something about the world to a person who, as a journalist producing stories and articles for newspapers [sic] like The Sun and The Daily Mail, should appreciate the effort.

I don’t like idiots like Julie Moult and I do like raccoons; I simply cannot stand by and do nothing.

Julie Moult
Original picture by Jon Rawlinson

I’m looking forward – and I bet she is too – to seeing just whose images appear where in the image search results for "Julie Moult" over the next few weeks. It’s always nice and rewarding to elevate an idiot to quasi-moron or above – even if only briefly – and you must feel absolutely free to produce pictures of Julie Moult on your own blog too.

And, if you don’t think that she is a twit and that pieces of journalism such as her anti-Muslim story without a shred of evidence is harmless fun, unlikely to cause unrest (and follow-on stories!) and to be expected from reporters these days then why not express what a really nice person Julie Moult is instead, you idiot?

Author: Mark

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  1. Now, if only you had an IT expert to improve the rank of this site and a few cyber pranksters to create ‘fake’ sites!

    Damn, I hate redundant quotation marks!

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  2. Now, if only you had an IT expert to improve the rank of this site and a few cyber pranksters to create ‘fake’ sites!

    Rank is not the all powerful beast it’s made out to be and I tend not to concern myself with it any longer; besides, it’s a little difficult to persuade the all-powerful Google that you’re a high ranking authority on anything in particular when your site is about anything but anything in particular. Better instead to concentrate on content (with perhaps occasional key phrases scattered nonchalantly hither and thither) and let nature take its course.

    Damn, I hate redundant quotation marks!

    Well, who "doesn’t"? Hang on, that’s "not" right.

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  3. Rank is not the all powerful beast it’s made out to be

    It is when it concerns pwnage of Julie Moult.

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  4. Do not denigrate thus the racoon.

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