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JoostYes, you too can be a proud member of Joost just like I’m not at the moment by doing what I’m doing and whoring myself out … oh God, I feel so cheap … all this for a Joost invitation … I mean, I love RGS and there’d definitely be some hugging and spooning afterwards but still, I could have just asked Jason, couldn’t I? … this bloody Joost thing had better be worth this … I’m putting off an hilarious (disclaimer: not that hilarious) post about darts for this … feel … so … dirty … but I kinda like it.

In summary: Joost.

UPDATE 14:30ish: Okay … I now have Joost … and it will take some getting joost to … haha! that’s an awful joke! did you see what I did there? … I said joost when I … oh, never mind.

UPDATE 11th May:

Do you want a Joost Invitation?

There are two ways to get an invite from me.

a) if you know me, have commented here before, link to this site, or are linked from it then simply send me an email or click here and fill in the comment box with your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and EMAIL address. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

b) if you’re a first-time visitor then … quid pro quo Clarisse … pick an article, any article (popular articles are here, a list of stories is here, awesome tales of religion are here, or the archive of all articles is here), read it, and comment on it in a relevant way (positive or negative, just not short and pointless) to fool me into thinking you really have read it (I won’t believe you but let’s just play along), and then come back here and request your invitation (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and EMAIL address please). I.e. you have to leave at least 2 comments; one elsewhere, then one here. 3 comments is good too, and 4 and above are wonderful. However … only 1 comment? Sorry. And 0 comments? That’s a big no-no as I’m not telepathic.

That’s not much to ask is it?

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  1. 68 Comments removed.

    Partly because next to nobody can follow instructions. Not really surprising. A little disheartening though.

    Mostly because I’ve noticed traffic coming in looking for email addresses and despite next to nobody being capable of following instructions I’m still, at heart, a good guy and this is the quickest way to prevent them from ending up in the wrong hands.

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