John Barry Triple

So, someone on Facebook shared a video over the weekend of the theme music to The Black Hole. It’s a cracking film and most definitely not the sort of thing you’d normally associate with Disney. The music itself is pretty damn good too. But let us skip on to the next day…

The following morning I awoke and there was a tune running through my head. It wasn’t from The Black Hole but was from James Bond. Not the standard theme or one of the movie title tracks either, but rather a snippet of music used in one of the films. The tune repeated and repeated and repeated and I couldn’t place the music. This necessitated a visit to Spotify and the skipping through of track on a James Bond music album by the always excellent City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (check them out if you like movie music). It didn’t take me long to discover the music I was after and when I did I couldn’t believe my ears. I’m very sorry. I’ve been reading too many Upworthy and Viral Nova headlines recently and appear to have become afflicted. Anyway, the composer for the Bond earworm was the same as that of The Black Hole theme: John Barry.

Did my brain make the connection while I slept? Was it just a coincidence? I vowed to discover the truth! But I had a cup of tea instead and didn’t think about it any more.

Until now! When I’ll also skip discovering the truth in favour of updating the site with one of my occasional threesomes of music video goodness (although less video goodness than usual this time) with tunes by that aforementioned composer. It’s lunch time, it’s raining, I can’t be bothered to go out today, so why not? Like anyone’s reading this. Why am I typing this? It’s quite therapeutic talking to yourself actually, don’t you find? Yes, I do, come to think of it. Although schizophrenic behaviour is a little more worrying. You’re telling me. Let us vow to merge personalities and never mention it again! Like we vowed to discover the truth behind the John Barry music? Exactly! I really hope nobody reads this.

Er, three musical numbers from John Barry.

The Black Hole
The video that started the mental ball rolling.

007 Takes The Lektor
From “From Russia With Love” and the earworm that infected my cranium.

Midnight Cowboy
Hey! I’m walking here!

Author: Mark

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