Jimmy Choo Shoes

For #SaturdayStyle curated by +lynn langmade and +lane langmade.

First off: I'm not a product photographer. I know, I know; it's very, very difficult to tell from this masterfully-composed and photographed shot on a towel on the bed, but it's true nonetheless.

So, Jimmy Choo shoes: specifically, the most recently bought of the four pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes that my wife now owns, these ones being picked up in Chevy Chase, Maryland when we were over there in November (nice-looking place albeit with a paranoid cop who followed us around asking what I was shooting and then waited in the Jimmy Choo store to make sure we weren't about to rob the place until the security guard there effectively told him to sod off and stop bothering her store's customers). My wife loves Jimmy Choo shoes. They make her feel better about herself – a sign of great style – and they encourage other people to make ooh and aah noises when they see them.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Well I would fall flat on my face today if I wore those..but the was once a time long long ago…….

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  2. Four pairs of Jimmy Choos…. I desperately need you to befriend my husband and teach him a few things on how to treat his wife … 😀

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  3. +Lucille Galleli For your husband I think I can sum up my general rule on treating my wife in one sentence: treat her slightly better than she tells you to.

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  4. Beautiful Jummy Choos +Mark Hooper! Yay! What an excellent story and perfect post for #SAturdayStyle . I also love the towel on the bed (been there done that) and how you downplay your 'product' photography! This is great and i would surely buy these from you!! Hahaha. In fact we should have a whole 'shoe' #SAS for everyone to drool over. (+lynn langmade shoe saturday?)

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  5. +Mark Hooper You know right that you and +Jakob Nilsson are like my favorite "style" guys right? And wow . . . Jimmy Choo. Your wife, much like yourself, seems to have excellent sense of style. (I was wondering if she also has a pair of Louboutins or Zanottis? ) And I don't really care if you're not a "product photog" cuz you still managed to convey the kind of minimalistic perfection of Jimmy Choo. Really can't say enough about how much I loved this post for #SAS. Thank you for sharing it!

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  6. Thank you +lynn langmade. No, she doesn't have any Louboutins or Zanottis; when we went to London to get her very first pair of designer shoes a few years back we heard some bad stories about the customer service in Louboutin's store so decided to hit Jimmy Choo instead. Despite it being a terribly hot day and us – having walked around London for a while before – looking a right state when we went in (and subsequently looking decidedly out of place compared to the other very well-dressed customers) the staff couldn't have been nicer so it's won a bit of loyalty as a result.

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