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Here’s a collection of links to articles or videos or whatever the hell else that I’ve liked elsewhere on the web this month, some of which I’ve shared on other social networks and some of which I’ve not.

I know January’s not over yet but busy, busy, busy… you know how it is. Unless you’re not busy and never have been. I don’t really care if you know how it is or don’t.

London in 1973 and 1974. Beautiful. If you love grey.

The television cameras really shouldn’t make a difference is a well-written article in my local newspaper that talks about the fuss that emerged over my MP, Penny Mordaunt, appearing on a TV programme to raise money for a local amenity. She didn’t do so well in the programme itself but that wasn’t the point. One of the good things to come out of the whole fuss was seeing just how nasty and spiteful some people – mostly Labour supporters, you won’t be surprised to hear – can be. It’s always nice to know that the world is full of bitter scum.

A link to an article on this site now – Watching North Korean Television – which got linked to from a Polish website, http://www.wykop.pl/. And that sent a lot of traffic here.

The Which Star Wars Character Are You? quiz proved popular with friends on Facebook. I was a stormtrooper, in case you wanted to know.

A memory of this video mix popped into my head while driving home one day this month. I don’t know why. That hardly seems important because it’s still as good now as it ever was.

What a lovely dress! Now, if only I knew someone with gigantism of the head on whom it would look as nice.

In a scene reminiscent of something from Father Ted but not nearly as funny a group of medieval-minded Christian morons in Northern Ireland got a play cancelled without seeing it because there was a chance it might make fun of the bible. Down with this sort of thing! Careful now!

National Geographic shared a list of the 8 scarients viewing platforms in the world, one of which – the Aurland Lookout – I walked on last year. It wasn’t scary. But then I am rugged and manly.

A new release of an NFL-themed bad lip reading will ease the pain of the Patriots getting knocked out in the AFC championship game.

Credit: E. Guido, N. Howes, M. Nicolini

Credit: E. Guido, N. Howes, M. Nicolini

A new supernova!

Is pseudoarchaeology racist? Could also have been titled Is Erich von Däniken an Arse? The answer would have been the same in each instance.

Spaceship Generator. I just got this one:

Name: UNES Resilient
Type: Mammoth Corvette
Weapons: Variable Phaser Disperser
Defence: Magnetic defence grid
Condition: Recently refurbished, with a brand new computer core.

The Edelweiss Pirates. A World War II era German anti-Nazi movement of working class youth who fought against the regime? No, I’d never heard about them either. Fascinating read.

Why high quality audio formats are pointless.

Credit: NASA

Credit: NASA

ISS gets a visit from the Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus freighter. What’s so exciting about a private freighter docking with the space station? Only the fact I saw it being built up close on a private tour with one of its engineers!

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