Jahongir Sidikov, Sarah McCarthy-Fry

Jahongir SidikovJahongir Sidikov is due to be deported to Uzbekistan. As a member of the opposition political party this is more-than-likely going to lead to his torture and death. For some reason the Home Office has not only approved his deportation, but has also fast-tracked it. The media and other politicians seem to be uninterested.

A letter sent to my local MP, Sarah McCarthy-Fry using the Write To Them website.

Dear Sarah McCarthy-Fry,

I am writing to express my concern regarding an urgent human rights

An attempt was made yesterday to deport to Uzbekistan a member of an
opposition political party in that country, Jahongir Sidikov. This
deportation has been fast-tracked by the Home Office (Home Office ref.
S2185191) and approved by the FCO, despite serious concerns regarding
the human rights record of the Uzbek regime.

Craig Murray (ex British ambassador to Uzbekistan) and Human Rights
Watch believe there is a very high likelihood that Sidikov will be
tortured, and that he may perhaps even be executed on return to
Uzbekistan. Hence, that the deportation is illegal under Article 3 of
the UN Convention Against Torture.

I hope that you will be prepared to raise this man’s case and do
whatever you can to prevent the deportation.

Any reply to be published here if/when it arrives.

Author: Mark

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