Jack Abramoff, George W. Bush Photos

The American political blogging world is sparkling and twinkling with the news that admitted felon and Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff has not only had a fairly close relationship with as-yet-unindicted President George W. Bush over the past few years (despite White House attempts to downplay any such "accidental" meetings) but there are also photographs to prove it. Time magazine has seen the photos but can’t publish them and the tabloids are desperate to get their hands on them too but neOnbubble is proud to scoop the lot of the them with this world exclusive publication.

Bush, Abramoff, Cake
Bush interrupts CENTCOM vs. NATO Doom 3 LAN party to present stolen wedding cake to Jack Abramoff. The President’s thumb in the icing appears to distress the lobbyist.

Bush, Abramoff, More cake
Jack Abramoff and President Bush make a daring daylight raid for cake, this time swiping from the top table during the Air Force Cadets’ Passing Out Parade.

Bush, Abramoff, Little Cake
Posing for a photograph is the least they can do after Bush and Abramoff clean local Washington D.C. patisserie out of cake. Abramoff is wearing his Indoor Fedora here.

Author: Mark

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  1. Apparently, the President has a short memory. Or, perhaps he is just another criminal. Or perhaps… the country is really run by criminals who can be found throughout the ranks of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of American Government. I personally have more questions about the integrigy of this President ,and questions about who he really represents. KEEP INVESTIGATING, maybe this guy belongs in a prison like Ft Levenworth.

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  2. Crumbs! if dat don’t jus’ take the biscuit! Mark

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