I've been meaning to take a shot of this café for ages but have been put off…

I've been meaning to take a shot of this café for ages but have been put off by the light; specifically: the sunlight which would illuminate me for everyone inside to see. Yeah, I'm still one of those timid street photographers. Today, however, it wasn't too bright, wasn't too dark, and as I approached along East Street in Chichester I saw that nobody was looking outside at the passersby and wannabe-street photographers. I took my chance!

EDIT: just realised this qualifies for #MonochromeMonday

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Author: Mark

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  1. The Eating Company – great name. I know exactly how you feel – I am just glad that its not an issue here in Amsterdam – I notice a big difference whenever I am back in the UK

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  2. You take such great street shots that I wouldn't have figured you'd be timid about it. That's still something I'm struggling with. I think it's partly because I am not a fan of having my photo taken so I assume others feel the same and that makes me lose a lot of photos.

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  3. Thanks +Jo Garrett.+Patricia Elizabeth Oh, you flatterer, you! Yes, I'm very timid. That's why almost all my street shots are with a telephoto lens of some description. I need distance. I feel the same way as you: I hate having my photo taken so I'm incredibly sensitive to just how other people might feel.

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  4. Confidence will come in time, we sensitive souls need to remember that many people are OK with the camera and those who aren't will let us know and we just have to respect that.

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  5. Hi Mark, I have been out a few times now taking street shots. I try to get close but the heart skips a beat when your spotted. I have thought about doing the '100 street portraits' but not got the confidence to approach people in the street yet. So for now, I will stick to the sneaky shots.

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  6. +Gary Pritchard Street portraits… but that would involve talking to strangers! My mum warned me about that and it's a difficult barrier to break down. At my current rate of "getting braver with street photography" I don't think I'm going to be ready for that leap until around the turn of the twenty seventh century.

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  7. lol. I went up to Edinburgh at the weekend, trying to convince myself that I could start the street portrait thingy but bottled it in the end. Might take a beer or two to get over the initial fear.

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