It’s That Dandy Andy Fanton

Who’s more randy than a girl called Mandy(*), tastes sweeter than a fistful of candy(**), is the world’s biggest fan of Jessica Tandy(***), and has a comic strip to call his own in the soon-to-be-relaunched comic The Dandy(****)?

The Dandy

It’s Andy!

Andy Fanton, that is. But Fanton doesn’t rhyme with anything(*****).

Andy Fanton

Yes, close(******) personal(*******) friend(********) Andy Fanton has finally found gainful employment with a bastion of British comic history and will be ejaculating his writing and drawing skills upon a whole new generation of the puerile-minded.

Behold! George Vs Dragon!

George Vs Dragon


  • if you’re a fan of Lord Likely,
  • if you got sucked in by the vegetable-based lure of The Carrotty Kid,
  • if you like the thrill of entering newsagents(*********),
  • if you want to support local(**********) talent in these uncertain times,
  • if you are easily-swayed into making decisions based on random internet-browsing,
  • if you have eyebrows, or
  • if you don’t have eyebrows

then you’ll be wanting to purchase The Dandy. It launches on the 27th October. That’s this Wednesday coming up unless you’re reading this later.

(*) Boys can also be called Mandy. Mandy Patinkin is one. Yeah, he’s one.
(**) Sour candy.
(***) He is the world’s biggest fan of Hume Cronyn too.
(****) It seemed wrong to not have asterisks and a footnote here.
(*****) Except canton.
(******) We are both denizens of Portsmouth.
(*******) He can be so cruel when he gets drunk.
(********) Well, he’s not a foe anyway.
(*********) I mean that exactly how you think.
(**********) Everyone’s local to someone.

This post has been sponsored by Asterisks & Footnotes GmbH – serving up family-friendly asterisks and footnotes to the internet since 1993(***********).

(**********) No, make that 1994.

Author: Mark

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  1. Ooh, been a long time since I read the Dandy. It’s made me all nostalgic.

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  2. Thanks again for this, Mark! Hope people pick up and support the new-look Dandy, there’s a lot of excellent artists at work in it!

    And then me. Arf!

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