It Must Be Love

Unrelated to the photo, but I thought I'd share something that happened today. It's because I'm a sharer.

In addition to the job-stress-relief that comes from whipping the camera out I had a duty to perform this lunchtime; we have a housewarming/birthday to attend this weekend in Basingstoke which necessitated a brief stop in Hotel Chocolat to pick up some goodies.

I was accompanied by my colleague. He's male just like me (in case you've never caught on). This will become important. I picked up some gift chocolates for the weekend and some chocolates for personal consumption too (because it's the law) and then proceeded to pay for them at the till. A very friendly woman attended and offered the pair of us some fruit-filled, white chocolate hearts to let melt on our tongues while we waited for the card reader to read my card. Some small talk about chocolates and signing up for emails proceeded along with a few grins and nods and lies about already having signed up.

"Ooh! Mojito truffles!" said the woman suddenly, picking up some of the treats I'd picked out for our own use. "These are lovely!" she confided.

"We certainly hope so!" I replied with a smile.

"Your wife will really like them," said my colleague. Loudly. Deeply. I glanced at him. He looked a little… puffed up.

We left the shop – after the transaction had gone through, of course – and I gave my colleague that look that says "what in the name of all that's unholy was all that about?" without using words; it does use an eyebrow and enough muscles to raise one side of the upper lip.

"She thought we were a couple!" he hissed.

"So?" was my laughter-accompanied reply, but in addition to the laughter there was also regret; oh, the missed fun that could have been had with a sexuality-threatened colleague if only I'd spotted the signs earlier. But I know for next time.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Oh the horror. Wait, is he objecting because she might have thought you two were gay or that she would pair him with you?? 😉

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  2. The former, Pea, although had it been the latter I did make a point, anyway, to tell him that he'd be lucky to have me; I'm quite the catch after all.

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  3. Gosh. Holding hands already….when will they gonna kiss? Will this be in the new season of 'The Bachelor'?

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