I’m Still Around

Great WallI’m still around. And still a round. That’s what cruise ships and their free food all day long policy does for you.

Just thought I’d let anyone who cares know that we didn’t get trapped in Bangkok; one day later and we would have been though. But it wasn’t one day later so we weren’t.

Having lost the month of November to vacationing like ’twas 1999 I’ve found the impetus to surf the net and get back to writing on this site and keeping it ticking over with drivel targeted at the infantile to be sorely lacking. I’m sure it won’t last; this pathetic update may even be the catalyst for a triumphant return to wasting my life away. However, right now I’m busy going through the 1600+ photos and four hours of video footage taken while on honeymoon.

No, none of the video footage was of that aspect of the honeymoon. I didn’t have a high speed camera after all.

So I’m trawling through memory cards and preparing an awesomely boring DVD of "The Trip" with which to awesomely bore the relatives who decide we simply must visit or be visited upon during this upcoming festive season. And I’m uploading some pictures to my Flickr space as I peruse the photos too. If you are so inclined then you can keep an eye on and virtually explore our trip to the Far East by checking those images out here: Far East Honeymoon/Cruise.

At the time of publishing this I still haven’t got out of China yet and that was just the first three days of the holiday.

P.S. Visit Beijing. It’s the most fascinatingly fantastic city I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been to Basingstoke.

Author: Mark

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  1. I’ve been to Basingstoke also, or at least on a fast train that went through there 😉 Anyway just thought the photo of the Chinese flag at the Great Wall is awesome.

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  2. Glad to see that you have returned safely. I thought you just may have been responsible for the anti-government protests in Thailand…

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  3. @John: Thankyou. The full image is available via this page. Seeing Basingstoke from the window of a speeding train is the second best way to see it at all; the best way is through interpretive dance.

    @Math: I take no responsibility for any of my off-the-cuff comments to the people of Bangkok the day before the protests began remarking on how I wouldn’t stand for the government’s actions but that’s just me and I’m sure Thai people aren’t all pussies.

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  4. Mark, congratulations on your wedding and I am glad you are back. I am sure you had a great time. Glad you came back safe. My blog has changed since you have been gone. Edge of sanity is no more. Now it is sanity on edge. Long story. 🙂

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  5. there’s an equal to basingstoke???

    welcome back. glad your cruise ship didn’t get trapped in bangkok airport.
    & looking forward to NeonBubble Redux!

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  6. "No, none of the video footage was of that aspect of the honeymoon."

    And there I was, expecting scandal. I’m thoroughly disappointed.

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