Ice Cream In London

Yesterday we visited London, the main purpose of which was to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on (and lose to) the Chicago Bears at Wembley. As we always do when visiting the capital, we took the train and then did a bit of the old tourist thing until game time.

London is not my favourite place in the world.

Okay, London's good for photographers but that can't offset its really annoying problems, those being the woeful inability to get a decent mobile phone signal anywhere (even 1G would have been nice) and the odd opening hours of businesses, specifically pubs. A city packed with tourists and pubs that stay closed on Sunday or only open for about 5 hours is baffling to me. I guess I'm spoilt in Portsmouth.

But photographs: yes, London has some great architecture (pictures to come in an album in the next day or so) and, of course, it puts on great sporting spectacles too (pictures to come in an album in the next day or so too) and it's got a large number of interesting people who are used to seeing oddballs with cameras all the time. Good news for me.

I spotted the people in this picture somewhere between the Soho and Chinatown areas (those and Covent Garden are my favourite parts of London); they were engrossed with trying out their variety of ice creams and never noticed me standing there waiting for just this shot.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Which network are you on? I have a 3G signal most of the time! Also I think maybe you were in the wrong areas… there are loads of pubs open on sundays for more than 5 hrs.

    Oh and great image 😛

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  2. +Melissa Richards Vodafone. Walking the streets I'd get bursts of 3.5G but more often than not it would be just E. As for the pubs: we'd come from Waterloo, walked over Westminster, then hit the areas around there, along the Strand, and up towards St Paul's Cathedral before heading to the Soho/Covent Garden/Chinatown part. Before Soho we kept walking past pub after pub after pub that was closed on Sunday or only open from 12 until 5. The same thing applied to some shops; we saw a few (including a Boots) that indicated they were closed Saturdays and Sundays. We were… perplexed by the decision.

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  3. The city is normally like a ghost town on the weekend, so most business don't bother to open. I guess all the bankers are out of town at their country pad's! The west end is where the consumer nightmare continues 24/7…

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