I Was So Cool

Nothing says cool quite like a white guy with a Public Enemy top on eating a choc ice in his parents' living room in the early 1990s. Nothing. Man, I was cool. What happened?

It's Thursday so that means it has to be for #BlastFromThePast curated by +Cheryl Cooper, +Mark Rodriguez, and +Isabelle Fortin.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Nice one Mark, you do somewhat look like your avatar (Ken Washio) :-)

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  2. +Joanna Ivison I was probably very happy with my choc ice but decidedly unhappy that someone had appeared in the doorway with a camera in hand.

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  3. Was that before I turned up and we played Subbuteo? What a pair of tearaway young adults we were…

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  4. We were controlling the destinies of warriors! Little, plastic warriors! Badly painted by me in most cases! How exactly is that not cool?

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