I had a sudden influx of new followers yesterday thanks to some shared circle magic…

I had a sudden influx of new followers yesterday thanks to some shared circle magic going on somewhere in Google+land. Excellent. I did my best to look through and follow back the majority of followers even though I'm well aware that the majority of that majority simply clicked to follow the shared circle blindly, trusting that the person sharing hadn't added some truly terrible people for a laugh (note to self: must do that) and I didn't even mind that some of the people weren't people I'd normally follow as I figured variety is the spice of life and I could remove them afterwards when I realised just how irritating their updates were.

However, it did get a bit crazy and I think I'm going to have to lay down a few ground rules – along with my reasoning – for following from now on:

1. If you're just resharing other people's content without even adding a line explaining why you're resharing it… then no.

Reason: you might just be trying to get the attention of people you're following for your own ego.

2. If you've got thousands of followers but are following hardly anybody… then definitely no.

Reason: you are almost certainly an egotistical little twunt who follows people, waits for a follow back, then removes in order to boost your fictional popularity.

3. If you've got no public posts at all… then no.

Reason: privacy is good, but it's impossible to get to know somebody without something out there.

4. If you've got the default avatar… then probably no.

Reason: it just looks awful. I have the aesthetics of my following badge to think about after all.

5. If you've not even attempted to fill out your profile… then probably no.

Reason: same as #3.

6. If you're hiding the people you follow or who follow you… then no.

Reason: I'd like to know if you're following me simply because, well, you're following everyone on the planet. I'd also like to know if everybody hates you and won't follow back.

7. If you post anything that's even remotely NSFW… then no.

Reason: I have no problem with NSFW when I'm not actually at W but when I am at W then the NSF bit is problematic and I can't risk you in my public stream.

I may think of some other reasons as time passes.

UPDATE: As with all rules, these are listed so that they may be broken as I see fit.

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Author: Mark

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  1. I must say that those are really good guidelines. I dont have that much followers and i dont follow that much people, but those are exactly the things that i take in account when managing my circles.

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  2. #2 is a little bit unfair in my opinion. Just imagine you get followed by over 4000-6000 in 48 hours, you don´t have a chance to look at the profiles… so not everyone who is followed by many people and just follow a few back is a egoist…

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  3. for #2 I'm only showing one of my circles until the end of Nov for NaNoWriMo so that others can use it to find fellow participants. So it might look like I only follow about 350, but it's actually a lot more.

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  4. I did go through the posts page of the individuals before deciding whether to add them to my circles. +Mark Hooper, congratulations for being selected! 😉

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  5. +Johannes Kick It's usually easy to see whether that's really happened, though, and I do have a Probation circle that I have put some people in the past just to see whether they're guilty of this. So far I've found three people who've done exactly that.

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  6. When you're new to Google+ like I am it seems a good way to build up a collection of photography contacts. I realise that I am relying on somebody else's judgement, but I have seen some excellent photography coming up on my page (or wall, or stream or whatever you call it!) as a result.

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  7. +Mark Hooper that is your way how to manage it.
    I gave it up to look at all profiles. I post my pictures as usual and look who give me a comment or a +1. If i don´t know the guy i will have a look… that is my way…
    Also i don´t follow people only for the reason they added me… that´s useless…

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  8. I have no public posts… I promise I don't have irritating updates and I have my profile filled out! 🙂

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  9. This is an excellent way to live on G+! ….and I'm totally going to start using the word "twunt"…

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