I Can't Put My Finger On It

Back to the street now with my favourite lens (F/2.8L 100mm) and Chichester still hasn't picked up too much in volume of pedestrians at lunch time since after the Christmas/New Year break which is making interesting photo opportunities hard to come by. Today, though, I did watch these two chatting for a while as the older man clearly asked the younger for directions somewhere; there was some dithering on the younger's part as he thought about the exact location and I managed to catch this moment of nose-scratching (traditional aid to navigational memory) during the process. And you'll be pleased to hear that it looked like once he'd remembered he decided to escort the older gentleman on his way. Damn nice to see.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Great moment you captured there, and I'd give another plus for the story alone;) You've got a very distinctive b&w treatment which I'm quite fond of!

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