Humans Came From Bears

Darwin got evolution spot-on – you got a problem with that then you take it up with Richard Dawkins my friend. Well, almost spot-on. Please don’t hit me Mister Dawkins sir. You see, humans evolved not from apes as we’ve all been led to believe, but rather from bears. Oh yes.

Riddle me this: what has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, a raincoat and a jar of marmalade in the evening, and a pair of wellies at night?

Man From Bear

I think I’ve made my point.

Author: Mark

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  1. Um. Er. I think I’m too dopey to get this.

    Well, I can at least see if I can get the math question right.

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  2. That is truly a breakthrough in scientific thinking Mark. Annoyingly I can’t think of the name of that comedian – but I assume you’ve written this up and submitted it to Nature?

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  3. Hurrah – thanks Les, that’s been bugging me all day!

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  4. Oh – Malice? I still can’t get on your site. I can see it now, but register – no way – it just doesn’t like me.

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  5. I cannot believe Jimmy Cricket is still alive or that I remember him.

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