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Since it’s nearly almost certainly 100% illegal in the UK to claim that there’s absolutely no benefit whatsoever in homeopathy and that homeopathy is both fraudulent and dangerous there’s never been a better time to start a business dealing with homeopathy which is why we’re now launching neOnbubble Homeopathic Cures Ltd Gmbh Plc.

At neOnbubble Homeopathic Cures Ltd Gmbh Plc we’re different, and we’re confident you’ll notice the difference. And if you don’t notice the difference then we’ve got a homeopathic cure for that!

How does homeopathy work?
HomeopathyNo actual scientist knows but homeopathic practitioners will tell you that water, like the brain, has the ability to remember things. Put salt in water and you’ve got saltwater. Take the salt from the saltwater and you’ve got water that remembers being salty even if it isn’t salty and is just plain water. Drink that plain, salt-free water and you’ve just got all the benefits of salt transferred from the memory brain of the water droplets into your pancreas or spine. Doctors with years of training behind them can’t understand how it can possibly work but people who crush herbs and sell macrame clothing to the elderly know and that’s good enough for us.

At neOnbubble Homeopathic Cures Ltd Gmbh Plc you can forget all about traditional homeopathy remedies for minor ailments such as "a bit of a cough" or "a hard-to-reach itch" or "cancer of the lower intestines" because we certainly have. neOnbubble Homeopathic Cures Ltd Gmbh Plc are pioneers in new and exciting homeopathy medicine.

Why not take a look at some of the incredible remedies from our innovative Aqua range!

Homeopathic Treatment For Drowning
Are you drowning right now? Have you drowned in the past? Do you expect to drown in the near future? Drowning affects one in three of us during our lifetime and for many people drowning can be a life-changing experience they would rather not undertake. Fortunately, there’s a homeopathic remedy for drowning proven to alleviate the symptoms in four-fifths of cases by our highly-guarded, not-so-highly-regarded Homeopathy Research Laboratory run by genuine people who genuinely claim to be genuine doctors.

Dihydrous oxide is our flagship homeopathy treatment to relieve the suffering of drowners. Dihydrous oxide is present in most water responsible for drowning making it the perfect ingredient to help build up your body’s natural defence against breathing in water. This highly-diluted infusion of dihydrous oxide in water acts on your cellular tissue causing hydration of the membranes. Breathe in and take orally until the dihydrous oxide goes down the wrong pipe. The memory of breathing water will now be transferred to your own brain and you’ll not do that again in a hurry. ORDER NOW »

Homeopathic Treatment For Paralysing Fear Of Rain
Do you find yourself staying indoors when it rains? Have you bought an umbrella to protect yourself from rain? Do you prefer your clothes to be dry rather than drenched through? Then you might just be suffering from a paralysing fear of rain.

Phobias, like physical ailments, are also treatable by homeopathy and with identical results too! Fear the rain no longer thanks to neOnbubble Homeopathic Cures Ltd Gmbh Plc.

The active ingredient you want here is pluvia; that’s latin so you know it’s good! We collect our pluvia from 100% natural, organic puddles. Pluvia is effective in removing inorganic salts which may be why it is so useful in reducing rain-fear complications in people who also are coated in inorganic salts. Our experts recommend taking the pluvia homeopathic remedy externally over your skin and clothing for maximum effectiveness in combatting a phobia of getting wet when it rains. ORDER NOW »

Homeopathic Treatment For Thirst
It’s a sad fact, but being thirsty is one of the leading causes of death by dehydration. Hospital advice might be to drink some fluids but nobody knows what really goes on in hospitals so trusting the advice of so-called "medical professionals" is often hard for most of us.

If you’re after a natural, homeopathic treatment for thirst that truly embraces the like-for-like philosophy of remedies then let us introduce you to water.

As with all our homeopathy concoctions at at neOnbubble Homeopathic Cures Ltd Gmbh Plc we dilute more than any other registered or unregistered homeopathic supplier in the western hemisphere, ensuring there is not one single trace of the original ingredient in what we sell to you. In this way we make certain that you get all the benefits of not suffering from any of the symptoms of ingesting the original, active ingredient without suffering any of the drawbacks of suffering from any of the symptoms of ingesting the original, active ingredient. Our water is diluted in distilled, natural water until there is no water remaining; just that 100% water with memory of water. Take water-based water to alleviate your thirst whenever you’re feeling a bit dry. ORDER NOW »

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  1. nice theme!! really fits your blog very well… i am compiling a list of well designed blogs… yours is definitely there!!

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  2. I am disgrace with mockering of natural family remedies. You are much angry and clinical man in need of Chi-Liu Yung’s "no more angry" medicine. Please trying now to restore honour.

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  3. I am extremely concerned that you are marketing your so-called treatment for thirst without reporting the potential side-effects. The link between water and urination is well documented – in fact water is one of the most powerful diuretics known to mankind and drinking the amounts of water you suggest would quickly lead to severe and fatal dehydration.

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  4. @scifigene: The ‘sci’ and ‘gene’ in your name belie your so-called ‘scientific’ leanings. Homeopathy and science do not mix and I’ll thank you not to spread your fear-mongering sciencey falsehoods on this site.

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