Homeless Man

For #StreetSaturday curated by +Siddharth Pandit.

A regular sight in Chichester is this man, apparently homeless, and I dread to think how he's coping with the temperatures we currently have around these parts; I hope he has a regular place to stay overnight. I've never spoken to him but he seems pleasant enough; never drunk, never shouting, never angry, just wandering around minding his own business usually. I've seen him eating outside a café before and I've heard from colleagues that one of the local Chinese restaurants usually allow him to eat whatever's left over at the end of their regular "all you can eat" lunchtime deals. Nice to hear, and sad at the same time.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Know that place very well, Enzo and Dino Macari were old friends of mine and my Mum still lives in the City Centre – Paul (now in Penang, Malaysia) – small world eh?

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  2. I could look at this for ages. There's a lot of human sadness & kindness in the world.

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  3. I have had the pleasure of talking too and photographing this man before. He was very polite and civil, he let me take some good images of him.

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